List of all the lodges in the South West area of Hampshire. Some of these lodges are in Dorset and that is because the county border was moved.

Lodge NameLodge NumberDate of WarrantMeetingsLocation
Aethelberht Lodge 471229th April 19251st Fri Oct-JunFreemasons’ Hall, Bournemouth
Barton Court Lodge54687th March 1934Third Wednesday September to April (December on Third Tuesday)New Milton Masonic Hall
Boscombe Lodge215816th June 18864th Thurs Sep-May (except Dec)Freemasons’ Hall, Bournemouth
Bourne Lodge696912th April 19502nd Fri Sep-MayFreemasons’ Hall, Bournemouth
Bournemouth and District Masters Lodge915225th March 1985Fourth Monday March, June. Second Monday OctoberFreemasons’ Hall, Bournemouth
Brockenhurst Lodge70401st March 1951Second Friday September to MayBrockenhurst Masonic Centre
Cerdic Lodge703014th December 19502nd Thursday of the months from September to June (except December). The lodge Installation meeting is held in JanuaryFreemasons’ Hall, Bournemouth
Fernhill Lodge770728th April 1960Fourth Wednesday September to April (third Wednesday in December)New Milton Masonic Hall
Forest Villages Lodge940511th March 1991Fourth Monday in Feb, April, Sep, Oct and third Monday DecBrockenhurst Masonic Centre
Highcliffe Lodge805415th October 19652nd Wednesday of October through to MayChristchurch Masonic Hall
Horsa Lodge220818th October 18873rd Mon Sep – JunFreemasons’ Hall, Bournemouth
Hythe Lodge854611th November 1973Third Tuesday October, November, February, March and AprilLymington Masonic Hall
Jubilee Lodge87551st April 19772nd Mon Sep, Nov, Dec,Jan, Mar, MayFreemasons’ Hall, Bournemouth
Justitia Lodge313017th February 19063rd Fri Jan, Mar, Jun, Sep, Nov, 4th Fri AprFreemasons’ Hall, Bournemouth
King Arthur Lodge546919th October 19342nd Tues Oct-MayFreemasons’ Hall, Bournemouth
Knole Lodge899619th October 19813rd Wed Sep, Nov, Jan, Mar, MayFreemasons’ Hall, Bournemouth
Lentune Lodge 874310th November 19762nd Tuesday in Oct, Nov, Jan, Feb, Mar and Apr and the 3rd Tuesday in DecLymington Masonic Hall
Lodge of Expatiation929018th June 1988Second Tuesday October, December, February, April and JuneChristchurch Masonic Hall
Lodge of Hengist19523rd November 17701st Thursday every monthFreemasons’ Hall, Bournemouth
Lodge of St. Augustine845913th September 19723rd Friday September, November, January, March and MayFreemasons’ Hall, Bournemouth
Lodge of Unity132 16th August 1764Second Tuesday (Except June, July and August)Unity Hall, Ringwood
Lymington Lodge7984 10th June 1964Fourth Tuesday September, October, January to April; Second Tuesday DecemberLymington Masonic Hall
Lyndhurst Lodge8012 1st March 19651st Tuesday inFeb, March, April, May, June, Oct, Nov Dec and 2nd Tuesday in JanBrockenhurst Masonic Centre
Meyrick Lodge72955 October 19531st Wed Oct-May (except Jan)Freemasons’ Hall, Bournemouth
New Forest Lodge319 12th November 1799First Wednesday September to May (excluding January)Lymington Masonic Hall
New Forest Lodge of Installed Masters 9665 12th November 1997Second Tuesday in February; Third Thursday in May and first Thursday in NovemberChristchurch Masonic Hall
Octa Lodge4397 28th April 19223rd Thurs Sep-MayFreemasons’ Hall, Bournemouth
Powney Lodge3099 1st March 1905Third Wednesday September, October, November, January, February, March, April and MayLymington Masonic Hall
Rowena Lodge
3180 29th August 19063rd Wed Sep – JunFreemasons’ Hall, Bournemouth
Sojourners Lodge
7597 30th June 19581st Mon Sep-Jun (except Oct, Jan, May)Freemasons’ Hall, Bournemouth
Southbourne Lodge
6281 28th August 19461st Tues Sep-JunFreemasons’ Hall, Bournemouth
St. Michael’s Lodge
352120th September 19114th Tues Sept, Oct, Nov, Mar, Apr and MayFreemasons’ Hall, Bournemouth
The Elizabethan Lodge72624th February 19533rd Monday of September to MayChristchurch Masonic Hall
Twynham Lodge58899th June 1943First Monday February, April, June, September, November, and DecemberChristchurch Masonic Hall
Vale of Avon Lodge485918th June 1926Third Monday of January, February, April, May, September, October, NovemberUnity Hall, Ringwood
Via Lucis Lodge8228 13th April 1968Fourth Thursday September to June, excluding DecemberChristchurch Masonic Hall
Vortigern Lodge4854 19th October 1926Last Fri Sep-Jun (except Dec)Freemasons’ Hall, Bournemouth