Via Lucis Lodge No.8228

Via Lucis Lodge No.8228

Date of Warrant : 13th April 1968

Meets on fourth Thursday September to June, excluding December

at the Christchurch Masonic Hall

For further information and other enquiries you are welcome to contact us by email to:
Or Phone:
W. Bro. David G Lowe: 01425 482 602 Mobile: 07866 153 976

Our Current Officers are
W.Bro Les G Joy Worshipful Master
W.Bro Michael A Chappell PPAGDC Senior Warden
W.Bro David J Manley Junior Warden
W.Bro David J Ball PPGSuptWks Chaplain
W.Bro Keith J Lewis PM Treasurer
W.Bro David G Lowe PPSGD PM Secretary
W.Bro Raul AG Menchelli PPDepGSuptWks PM Director of Ceremonies
W.Bro Horace W Hipkiss PPSGD PM Almoner
W.Bro Robert E Martin PPAGDC PM Charity Steward
W.Bro Ken B Burbidge PPGSwdB Mentor
Bro James R Timberlake Senior Deacon
Bro Lee Dent Junior Deacon
W.Bro Martin J Walsh PPSGD PM Asst Dir. of Ceremonies
W.Bro David Boylin PPGSuptWks PM Organist
W.Bro Nicholas Hester PPGReg Asst Secretary
W.Bro Rick Ashton Inner Guard
Bro John L Phipps. Steward
Bro Barrie L Horne Steward
Bro Gary S Baxter Steward
Bro Garry Austin Steward
W.Bro Paul White Tyler (Guest)
W.Bro G Peter Lloyd PPJGD, PPAGSptWks Middx Royal Arch Rep.
W.Bro Huw Evans PPDGReg Visiting Officer
W.Bro David H G Rogers PPDGSwB PM Membership Officer
W.Bro David G Lowe PPSGD PM Lodge Rep. CMBMC

Honorary Members
W Bro R K Mabey PAGDC
Master’s Address: Les Joy 2A Naseby Road Moordown, Dorset, BH9 1SR Tel: 07940 360 396
Treasurer’s Address: Keith Lewis, 12 Willows Close, St. Leonards, Ringwood, Hampshire BH24 2RQ. Tel: 01425 839 674
Almoners Address: Horace Hipkiss, 4 Castlemews, Ringwood, Hampshire BH24 2BG. Tel: 01425 461 853
Charity Steward’s Address: Robert Martin, 27 Malwood Gardens, Totton, Southampton SO40 8BX. Tel: 02380 661 269


Facebook: via lucis lodge 8228