Share boats and trailers

BYB2B or RYB @ BBR 2020?

BYB2B    ‘Bring Your Boat to Brugge’
Boat trailers can be parked in the boat meadow right next to the Club House where there is ample space to leave the trailers, rigger the boats before and after the races.

Our pontoon of about 70meter long greatly facilitates embarking and disembarking before and after the race events.

Every year we get many questions from far away clubs about boat transportation and boat sharing – mostly for 4X+ and 8+ – from teams who cannot bring over their own boats. We do our best to meet these demands but would like to make an appeal to all registering teams from neighbouring countries who bring their own boats to consider if any of their boats that are not entering in two heats can be made available to other teams who are unable to bring their own boats.

If you have boats available to be shared, please advise us via

Our offer:
• Rental fee for your boat €18.00 per seat
• Coordination and matching of demand and offer by the BBR organisation committee
• KRB takes out an insurance to cover damage

Trailer sharing
We also would like to hear from clubs that may have extra space on their trailer and are prepared to bring over boats from other clubs in their region or on their road to Bruges. Please advise us via

RYB    ‘Rent your Boat at BBR 2020′
We will try to make following boat types available for rental : 8+, 4+, 4-, 2-, 2X and 1X. The boats will be conventionally riggered and oars will be included. All participants are asked to wear socks while using a hired boat.

The organising committee cannot guarantee that all boat sharing requests can be met and that all requested boat types will be available.

Registration of boat rentals must be done together with the registration and notified through the electronic registration system no later than 17 February 2023.

Highest priority will be given to the teams travelling from the farthest away. Clubs coming from not too far away are kindly requested to try and bring their own boats. We also suggest you try to coordinate with other teams from your country or region that may be travelling to the race and may organise joint transportation.

Our offer:
• Boat hire fee €25.00 per seat (i.e. €200.00 for an 8+ – €100.00 for a 4)
• Coordination and matching of demand and offer by the BBR organisation committee