The Derwen Garage body shop is one of the most renowned in the country for the repair of damaged rally cars, with all the necessary equipment such as a spray booth and jigs, nearly anything is possible. We have completed numerous repairs and restorations of Historic Escort Mk2’s along with repairing and respraying WRC rally cars and customer road cars.

The Derwen Garage bodyshop is equipped with professional spray booth, jig and many more facilities which allows us to be able to fix almost anything!

The Bodyshop has fixed Chassis, replaced roofskins and straightened countless cars that many would have deemed “scrap”!

You don’t need to look any further than our own rally cars to see the meticulous standards that our body shop operates at.

Away from rally cars we regularly repair road cars that have been damaged and due to holding such pride in our work these cars are given the same treatment as anything else!

Other services we provide include dashboard flocking, sandblasting and Waxoyling.

Please visit the contact page and get in touch for more info.