Images for projected images using the club projector are to be sized as follows:

At no more than 1600 pixels wide by 1200 pixels high
(N.B. if in portrait format, the maximum height will be 1200 pixels)



Landscape format image – maximum of 1600 pixels in width (by no more than 1200 pixels high)

Portrait format image – maximum of 1200 pixels in height

Square format image – maximum 1200 x 1200 pixels

Images must be in JPEG and RGB format at maximum quality with sRGB colour space. (No TIFF’s, PSD’s, CYMK or other formats and colour spaces allowed).


If you are unsure about JPEG format or sRGB colour space, please come and see the Competition Secretary or speak to a member of the committee for advice.



We have relaxed the rules on image naming, but please use common sense, files can still be named as suggested below as these examples are good practice especially for images appearing in online galleries.

Example – like this for a competition with 3 images allowed:


Or this for general display:

and so on…

and please put them   in a NAMED folder   on your memory stick to help with admin on viewing nights

Using underscores instead of spaces is also good practice, as is not using strange keyboard characters in the title, though they must be supplied as sRGB jpeg’s.

It is also good practice to get into the habit of naming your images, especially for competition entries, such as 1Redhead_Portrait_RN.jpg rather than just the image number – as 1P5101756_RN.jpg doesn’t sound very interesting! It also helps with the categories used on the club website,  Google Site Indexing and the results returned from regular Google Image Searches.

Website Image Sizes and Naming

Images for use on the club website should follow the same guidelines as above, especially important is the use of no spaces in the name, and the members initials to help identify image galleries Also, image data if embedded will be used as part of the title and/or description.

Please make sure any images supplied are watermarked if required. A simple copyright with the word copyright and the members name is all that is required – usually bottom right of the image – would be fine.

YPU Competition Image Sizes

The YPU Sizes are now the same size as the club spec as above, see below for links to the current YPU Guidelines.