Tiling isn’t difficult.

Recognising tiling that has been done by someone who is not an experienced tiler isn’t difficult either.

Tiling is an art. In Bridgnorth we are lucky to live so close to a manufacturer of some of the most beautiful tiles in the World. We are lucky to live with one of the top tile distributors in the Country. Entrust your tiling project to Bridgnorth Home Improvements and the only problem you will have is choosing the tiles. Of course I can also help you with that if you wish.

Jackfield Tile Plaque

A plaque made to show the beauty and timeless elegance of Jackfield tiles. An ivory grout has been used so as not to detract from the colours in the tiles. The plaque has been framed in English oak, mitred, rebated, routed, sanded and polished to the same standard that all of my joinery is presented.
This particular plaque was given as a gift to my best customer in my first year of business.

Plaques can be made to order with tiles of your choice, and framed in any hardwood you prefer. Perfect as a gift, you will be hard pressed to find anything produced locally that better expresses the nature of the Severn Valley we live in.
Creating such items is not something to be rushed, I only work on them when it feels right. Made by hand and also by heart, you should allow 4 weeks from order to delivery. Prices start from £200.