Rubber roofing

Got a shed? Maybe a summerhouse? Or perhaps your extension, porch or garage has a flat roof ?

Chances are whatever it is, it’s covered in felt. For many years felt has been the only viable alternative, and the one thing you can be sure of is that sooner or later it will leak.

Felt is available in different grades. Thin felt for small sheds is reasonably cheap, you can fit it reasonably easily with felt nails around the edges, but usually it won’t last very long. Thick felt impregnated with bitumen and grit for flat roofs on extensions or garages, is expensive, difficult to fit, requiring gas flame torches to heat and melt it to the roof. Often two layers are fitted to improve durability. It adds to the cost, and will still eventually leak.

I don’t fit felt roofing

For a few years now a new product has been available which is better than felt. It is rubber roofing. I only fit rubber roofing, I can’t see the point in fitting a material which will fail causing problems in the future. Rubber roofing comes with a 50 year guarantee. That doesn’t mean it will fail after 50 years, it’s just no one knows how long rubber roofing will last, because so far none has failed.

The material is the same as that used for wet suits. Once you have a rubber roof fitted, you can forget about worrying when a leak will finally appear. If your roof needs replacing, why not ask me to quote to install a rubber roof. You might be surprised how competitively priced it is. If you’re looking for a new shed or summerhouse, I can obtain the one you want, construct it for you and fit a rubber roof, often at very little extra cost.

Summerhouse under construction with rubber roof being fitted