Latest innovation

Bridgnorth Home Improvements recognises the importance of advances in technology, and gives financial backing to new companies looking to bring innovative products to market which will be of benefit to our company.

BHI now has the NIX color sensor. 22/07/2014
Manufacturing has begun now on this product, we are one of the first companies in the UK able to offer the benefits of this remarkable device. It gives us the ability to scan any colour in your house for you and match it exactly. We can scan a colour in a ceramic tile and obtain the same colour paint. We can scan fabrics or anything you can think of and ensure the decor of your room matches exactly.

BHI now has the structure sensor. 14/06/2014
An incredible new device which clips to an iPad to enable a 3D image to be scanned simply by moving the sensor around an object. Very clever, but why would we want this ? The reason is it enables us to stand in a room, turn 360 degrees with the sensor and scan all of the items of furniture etc. which can then be transferred to a floor plan where everything is exactly to scale.
Time is money. If we can save time, we can save you money. To be able to get all of the dimensions of a kitchen in seconds and be certain that they are correct is a huge breakthrough enabling us to produce your perfect new kitchen far more quickly.

BHI is currently backing the Scio Molecular sensor.
Currently on target for an initial production run at the beginning of 2015, this new invention will analyse any material it is placed on and, by analysing the molecules, will identify precisely what that material is.
As a responsible company, BHI recognises the importance of being able to identify old paint containing lead. Removal and disposal of such needs to be done properly. The same is true of products containing asbestos.
New paint technology has brought us more environmentally friendly finishes, but it is important that they are applied correctly. We use these paints as much as possible. The molecular sensor will allow us to examine the base which the paint is to be applied to, and choose the correct preparation for best results.