Bridgnorth Home Improvements offers a personal service when it comes to choosing,
planning and designing your kitchen. A new kitchen can be a big investment, and it is not something to be hurried. With 20 years experience of advising the major UK kitchen manufacturers of the latest products on the market, and assisting with technical issues, you can be confident that booking a free no obligation consultation is a wise move.

Unlike most kitchen retailers, I have no affiliation with particular suppliers, however I know them all, and so I do not show a range of kitchens, my range is unrestricted. I have no vested interests, my advice is totally impartial. I have put many different kitchen units through the required BSI tests, and observed and often resolved any problems for the suppliers. I can give you sound advice from my experience.

I will be able to discuss with you the best layout for your kitchen, listen to your ideas of what you want, and suggest ways to achieve an end result which will bring you pleasure for years to come. I can advise on different manufacturers, all types of interior fittings, advantages and disadvantages of the different worktop materials now available, current trends in the market, and suggest latest innovations that you may not be aware of, for you to consider. When you are happy that you have all the information you require, I will then leave you to think about what you feel is the best way forward.

I offer this service for free, and do not follow up consultations in an effort to gain business. If you decide that you would like me to fit your new kitchen for you, then I would be delighted to give you a detailed quotation. If you decide to give your business to another company, then that is not a problem. I do not offer an ‘in and out in a week’ service, as I do not believe it is possible to fit a kitchen in this time and give sufficient attention to detail to ensure perfect fit, finish and function. I can offer a complete service where I will fit your kitchen, tile and paint your walls and ceiling as required, fit whichever flooring you decide on as well as underfloor heating if desired. I will then arrange for a local electrician or corgi registered company to connect and certify your new installation, and take responsibility for this work that I subcontract to people I know and trust.

As an alternative, if you are happy with the layout of your kitchen but it is just looking tired or old fashioned, I can discuss ways to modernise your kitchen with new doors and worktops, perhaps soft close hinges or drawers, and other possibilities which will give you the feel of a new kitchen without the expense involved.

Should you wish to fit your own kitchen, I can cut and joint your worktops for you, so that for a modest cost you have professionally mitred corners and no cheap and tacky aluminium profiles which is the only diy option available otherwise. You may find that I am able to source many of the components for your kitchen at a better price than that available to the public, as I have contacts with all of the main distributors in the UK, and access to a vast range of products. I have no problem in quoting for the parts and for completing the more complicated work in kitchen fitment, so that a competent diyer can then complete the project and save money.

Below is a photograph of a recently completed kitchen in an apartment in the South of France. The old kitchen had tall units and the sink against a side wall, giving a gloomy dark cramped feeling. I worked with the customer and created a virtual plan on computer, so that she could ‘walk round’ the new kitchen I proposed on the screen to make sure it was what she wanted. She went for white walls and ceilings, white tiles and a splash of red over the worktops. I sourced large format tiles, white appliances and complementary lighting as well as attractive mosaics that sparkled in the light to totally change the room. The window frame is to be deglazed, spray painted white and then reassembled to complete the transformation.

Modern kitchen in apartment on the Cote d'Azur

Modern kitchen designed, supplied and fitted in apartment on the Cote d'Azure

To open out the kitchen, wall units were only placed on one wall.

Separate work area with wall units