Before and After

Change the whole character of your hall stairs and landing by replacing the solid banister at the top with one of a range of wooden banisters and handrails to open out and lighten up the whole landing area. The ‘before’ and ‘after’ photos here show just what an impact can be made, and prices start at less than £500 fully installed.

Please note when Bridgnorth Home Improvements say fully installed, it means a fully finished job. On this banister matching wood was used to extend the base rail to fill the gap in the carpet left from the previous breeze block banister. When/if the customer comes to replace the carpet, the extended pieces can be easily removed.

The wall the banister buts up to wasn’t square. The banister was fitted perfectly square and the end of the wall filled and plastered to give a perfect finish. The customer was having the walls re-papered, otherwise the wall would have been papered if matching paper was available, and painted if required, all at no extra cost.

The wood was dyed and then treated with two coats of Osmo polyx oil, a top quality treatment that retains the natural beauty of the wood whilst increasing the durability. It will look beautiful for years, will never flake like varnish, and can be easily renewed when finally required with no sanding necessary.

It is this pride in doing improvements to the highest standards that sets Bridgnorth Home Improvements apart from so many other companies.