Our Services

As a multi utility company we offer gas, water, electricity and street lighting services to residential, industrial and commercial clients. Fully accredited by Lloyds Multi Utility Register Scheme (MURS) we are able to simplify processes and offer a ‘one stop shop’ approach through which we can save our clients time and money and ensure projects are delivered in line with industry standards.

As an Independent Connections Provider (ICP) we are able to connect directly onto the distribution network and manage all of your multi utility needs. We bring specialist skills and knowledge to all sectors in which we work.

Gas Connections

We are fully accredited through GIRS (Gas Industry Registration Scheme) to supply gas utility infrastructure. Our expert team will supply the following services:

• Gas Design
• Installation of gas mains and services (including excavating, backfilling and reinstatement)
• Fitting gas meters
• Live mains connections
• Underground PE meter outlets

Water Connections

We are certified by the Lloyds Water Industry Registration Scheme (WIRS) and can manage the design and construction of your development’s water networks. Our services include:
• Water Design
• Water Chlorination Tester
• Installation of water mains and services (including excavating, backfilling and reinstatement)
• Fitting water meters
• WIAPS private water pipe installation

Electricity Connections

Accredited by the National Electricity Registration Scheme (NERS) we can provide comprehensive electricity infrastructure including designing and installing substations. Our services include:

• Electric Design
• Installation of LV and up to 11kv mains and services (including excavating,
backfilling and reinstatement)
• Design construction and installation of substations up to 11kv.

Street Lighting

Fully accredited through the Highway Electrical Registration Scheme (HERS) we can deliver street lighting to residential and commercial schemes, and also have the capacity to provide CCTV. Read about our innovative and energy saving street lighting solutions in our case study.

• End-to-end service delivery including design and installation to electricity connections
• Connect and disconnect service as a single operation for our clients, reducing disruption, timescales and cost to our clients
• Dedicated inhouse street lighting design team

Fully Managed Projects

Aptus Utilities can confidently deliver fully managed projects, from start to finish and including:
• An application to relevant authorities for supply
• The design of new network and approval
• Installation of mains adoption
• Coordination of service connections
• Materials and project logistics installation of meters